About us

Our founders are four Ottawa-based and passionate people want to strengthen communities. Lauren McGuire, Queen’s Smith MBA, asked the question: “How might we better connect those in our community at-risk and in need, with those able to help during the COVID-19 crisis?”. Marko and Kristina Arezina are the design developers for the front and back end of our product and have created a tool to connect us to help each other. All four of us believed that it is time to recreate what being a community looks like in 2020, especially during this difficult time.

Community Helper’s vision is to connect and enable neighbours to flatten the curve by:

  1. Minimizing the number of people and households going out for errands by coordinating and helping each other
  2. Give support to neighbours who are at high-risk (65+ years of age, chronically ill, immuno-suppressed, awaiting COVID-19 results, experiencing symptoms, or with a family member in one of these categories)

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 begins at the community level. If someone is experiencing symptoms and is unsure if they are a carrier, had exposure, or awaiting test results. They can quickly connect with Community Helpers to step in, to support their self-isolation. In South Korea, it was evaluated that 9/10 COVID-19 cases did not require hospitalization (source). If these numbers are accurate and correlate to Canada, we will have a large population in quarantine requiring support.


Lauren McGuire


Lauren McGuire is a graduate of Queen’s Smith School of Business MBA, and beginning RBC Commercial Banking Account Manager in June 2020. Lauren was a former Team Canada long track speed skating training at the Calgary Olympic Oval, who competed on the world cup circuit specializing in the 3000m and 5000m. Her undergraduate studies were in biological sciences and Italian studies. Lauren is passionate about encouraging youth in sport, and rethinking how we may better connect to build a better tomorrow.

Marko Arezina


Marko is an undergraduate computer science student at the University of Waterloo and software engineering intern at IMRSV Data Labs. Marko enjoys exploring new technologies at Waterloop - Waterloo's Hyperloop Student Design Team. He is passionate about data science and machine learning.

Kristina Arezina


Kristina Arezina is an intern at Botmock, which focuses on designing chatbots for voice and text channels. Kristina developed multiple projects including Google Assistant Action for Cardiac Events, and educational web app for high school coding. She is a web design enthusiast, and is actively involved as a Software Developer for Technovation Girls.

Allie Cui


Allie Cui is an undergraduate Health Sciences student at McMaster University. She is actively involved as a co-chair for the 2020 TEDxMcMaster conference and is working with the Department of Pediatrics at McMaster to develop a lifestyle intervention for cancer survivors. During her spare time, Allie feeds her creativity through work as a freelance photographer and content creator.

Fabio Panico

Intern at Culture Trip

Hallie Benjamin

Life Science Student at Queen's University.

Mariam Farooq

Mariam Farooq is an undergraduate Health Studies student at Queens University. She is currently an Executive Member of a Mental Health Charity (Step Above Stigma) at Kingston and a Crisis Line Volunteer at Kids Help Phone. She is passionate about Public Health.


Brittney Oberfeld

Social Impact Lead, Computing Education at Shopify.

Alex Dorward

Alex holds a variety of positions including being the COO of Simple Story, an award-winning video marketing and production agency that produces animation and live-action videos for some of the word’s biggest brands. Alex is also a Chief Digital Officer of an innovative e-learning platform called GS5 Global, an exclusive Speaker at Eduthink, and a Strategic Board Advisor to RetailBound.

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